Tweedy needy for a house in LA?

As teenage girls and slightly older guys eagerly await the return of rising star Cheryl Tweedy to the British music scene, news arrives that might mean we'll be waiting for Cheryl for some time: the star has reportedly been looking for luxury houses to buy in LA so that she can be close to close 'friend' Derek Hough, OK Magazine reports.

Having only just stepped one dainty, french-manicured toe outside of the hospital where she was recovering from malaria, Cheryl has now 'set her sights firmly on LA as she spent the weekend house-hunting in Hollywood with friend Derek Hough'. Sources reveal that she wants to remain as close to him as possible, although quite what relationship the pair have is anyone's guess.

Perez Hilton doubts it is anything more than platonic affection, labelling the dancer who appeared in Cheryl's 'Parachute' video as 'gayface'. We think 'get-a-high-celeb-profile-face' might be more accurate!

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