Tweed all about it

Jack Tweed and Mark Wright had their day in court yesterday, after being charged with assaulting a man outside a Essex nightclub. While Jack admitted assualt, TOWIE's Mark denied any threatening behaviour, arguing that he had been provoked. Jack and Mark own an Eseex bar which has been fire-bombed on two occasions.

According to The Daily Mail, the police explained the assault in court, saying, 'It appears to be drink-fuelled. You will see on CCTV having realised the error of his ways he then tries to assist when it is clear that the claimant is in a bad way physically. Jack Tweed runs round the back of the claimant and swings a punch which connects with his head. The claimant staggers backwards for a short while then he falls to the ground. Lewis Tweed is seen to kick the victim in the groin whilst he is on the ground, also he punches the victim in the face.'

Mark Wright denied using aggressive behaviour, saying that he was provoked by the victim, 'He said something really aggressive. He said: 'I will knock your spark out'. I felt he was going to attack me. His hands were up and coming towards me. I wanted to protect myself.' The case continues...

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