Twain makes her mark

We were wondering why Shania Twain has suddenly become very chatty of late, sharing her horrific break-up with the world - well wonder no longer, as Shania has a new reality show, detailing her new relationship with her ex's new wife's ex husband (got that?), and her attempts to get over her best friend's betrayal. It sounds like a misery memoir in TV form - we'll be defs watching.

According to The Daily Mail, Shania admitted that after the betrayal, 'I was ready to die', the singer even sent an email to her ex-best friend declaring, 'I am dying, and I can't take it any more. This is killing me. Have mercy'. She received no reply...*judgemental face*

Shania continued, 'I was disgusted that another woman's lust for a lifestyle upgrade was worth the devastation of my family. I don't take any day for granted any more. Fred has give me a new lease on love.' Did we hear you say 'Lease on love'? We can hear the dulcet tones of another hit...

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