We all had a jolly good laugh at Brian McFadden's recent outburst at his ex-wife Kerry Katona, calling her ‘a pig-faced mole’ and telling everyone who reads his Twitter feed (again we’ll ask the question – why?) that ‘you are dead to me’. In fact, following that amusing outburst we were hoping for months and months of back-and-forth insults, hopefully ending up with all their sordid secrets out in the open, and pictures of him in a gimp mask all over the internet.

Alas, it’s not to be, as the chunky-faced ex-Westlifer has come out and apologised for his savage attacks, and has now removed the posts which gave a brief chuckle to literally some people.

‘I apologise for my outburst,’ McFadden said to Now. ‘I had just had enough. It was the middle of the night in Sydney, I was tired and just couldn't believe what I was reading online.

‘I still can't believe she said I've only rung the girls five times in a year and that Lilly doesn't know who I am. I ring my girls twice a week. I'm a father who loves his daughters very much. They're my everything. Kerry lives in a fantasy world.’

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