Tuning out...

The first XFactor show of 2010 was hit by claims that autotune was used to improve the voices of favourites, or those marked out to make it to boot-camp, while the mentalists or appallingly voiced were 're-tuned' to sound even worse. Now a former XFactor employee has broken cover to reveal the seedy truth - that autotune has been used throughout the long, illustrious history of the reality show.

A former XFactor insider broke cover to reveal all, telling The Mirror, 'It has been used for a long time on the show both for the auditions and the live shows. The problem is that you have got a lot of contestants who sound equally good, so how do viewers at home make a judgement on who to pick.

The supersleuth continued, 'So Auto-Tune has been used to make good singers sound even better and not so good singers sound much worse. Obviously that would result in a much more entertaining show where some singers sounded hilariously bad, constantly missing notes, and others were amazingly polished. We all thought it wasn’t right to use that kind of equipment on a talent contest as it gave viewers a misleading view of the singers’ ability. It was a bit of a con.'

XFactor? Con?

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