Tulisa sex tape drama continues

British pop sensation and judge on the UK version of the television show “The X Factor,” Tulisa Contostavlos, earlier this week had footage of her performing oral sex on an unidentified man leaked online.

Amidst doubts of the authenticity of the leaked video clip, The X Factor judge has now come out to confirm that it is indeed her in the clip.

The pop star, 23, has released her own YouTube video in which she identifies the man in the sex tape as her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards.

In her YouTube video, she tells fans that she was “devastated” and “heartbroken” over the scandalous sex tape.

“When you share an intimate moment with someone that you love, you care about and you trust, you never imagine for one minute that that footage may at any point be shared with the rest of the UK or the rest of the people around the world,” she says.

She has taken legal action against grime artist Justin Edwards, otherwise known as MC Ultra, together with other individuals allegedly involved in the distribution of the sex tape.

Incidentally, Justin Edwards flatly denied that he leaked the short film online when charges against him first came before a High Court judge in London, saying it would be “ungentlemanly.”

However, the 28-year old rap star later changed his stand and admitted to the same High court judge that he released the footage, apologising for it and promising not to do it again.

Speaking on behalf of Justin Edwards, Barrister Jacob Dean told Mr Justice Tugend: “Mr Edwards has admitted responsibility for publication of the video, apologised for it and promised not to do it again.”

The High Court has banned publication of the sex tape showing Tulisa engaged in oral sex.

The drama continues

Meanwhile, outside the corridors of justice the drama of the Tulisa sex tape continues. You would imagine Tulisa would never want to hear or talk about the scandalous sex tape ever again in public, but it appears the singer is not about to let the matter rest just yet.

While performing at the Barclaycard 2012 Wireless festival in London earlier this month, Tulisa stole the show when she dedicated her song "Titanium" to her estranged ex-boyfriend and used her time on stage to rant at Justin Edwards.

She told a crowd of more than 60,000 fans at Hyde Park in London to “Put your middle fingers up to my d***head ex, Justinf****** Edwards! Ladies, don’t ever let any man pull you down, because I’m still f****** standing.”

The crowd was totally behind her as all stuck up their middle fingers in the air. Tulisa's court case against the other defendants in the sex tape scandal still continues.

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