Tulisa 'heartbroken' after Nu Vibe voted off X Factor

Boy band Nu Vibe were the first act to be voted off this year's X Factor and the five members have since revealed that their mentor Tulisa Contostavlos was 'heartbroken' by the decision to kick them out of the competition.

Speaking about the band's relationship with Tulisa this morning on the ITV breakfast show Daybreak, Nu Vibe member Ashford Campbell said: 'She was really, really supportive and close to us.'

'She fought for us from the beginning, she put us together herself and she was really proud of us. And that really inspired us and we wanted to do her proud. We feel like we did the best we could do.'

Campbell continued: 'Obviously we didn’t want to go out so early in the competition, but it’s an achievement to have made it as far as we did.'

Nu Vibe left the show after they found themselves in the bottom two alongside teenage heartthrob Frankie Cocozza. Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh all voted for the messy-haired singer to remain in the competition.

Nu Vibe singer Stefan Romer added: 'She [Tulisa] was heartbroken, everyone said that it was just the most awful decision. And last week sending 2 Shoes home, I can’t imagine what she felt last night.'

Campbell revealed the band's feeling of dread as they waited to hear their fate: 'We were just on edge waiting for the judges to say who they were saving and we believed they were going to say us because we had faith in ourselves. But it’s not the end of the road, we only go upwards from here.'

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