Tulisa caught in tabloid sting arranging a drug deal

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It’s the classic tabloid scoop. Take the fake sheikh, Mr Mazher Mahmood posing as a fake something else. Then take someone semi famous, slightly out of her depth and permanently eager to please and get validated. Then throw in some drugs, some veiled references to wild parties and a quite disgusting faux moral outrage from a pack of reporters who are probably all partial to a few lines themselves.

The Sun on Sunday allegedly managed to get Tulisa to act as a middle man in a cocaine deal between Mazher Mahmood and Tulisa’s long time friend, Mike GLC. Mike, who will doubtless be rueing his celeb pal’s utter stupidity, agreed to sell drugs to Mr Mahmood, who somehow feels his talent for dissembling and disguise is better used embarrassing mediocre singers than exposing corruption and arms deals.

Tulisa sadly felt she had to boast to what can only have been virtually a stranger. The Sun have her saying things like “Half my phone book sells it. Of course I can get it for you. “Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend. He’s a gangster — he’s my gangster.” She then continued to dig a completely unnecessary hole for herself by actually telling the reporters about the codes she uses on the phone to refer to drugs.

Why she felt she needed to impress Mr Mahmood or set up a drug deal when Mike GLC was reluctant to do it anyway and why she felt she needed to arrange anyone’s cocaine supply when she is a famous multi-millionaire is a matter for psychoanalysis. Apparently she doesn't even take the stuff

The whole thing smacks of a clever play on a not too clever girl’s insecurities. Despite the dignified handling of the video of her performing oral sex leaked by her ex boyfriend, when she embraced her sexuality with pride and turned the tables on him rather than betraying women in general by apologising, Tulisa clearly still has many issues. The police are now involved, with a despicably smug Sun on Sunday handing over their ‘dossier’ to the police.

A police statement said: "We have received information concerning the alleged supply of illegal drugs at a central London location. We are considering the information received. “

The 24-year-old's management did not wish to comment on the claims at this stage.

How tragic that you can be that rich and reasonably famous and still feel the need to try and impress strangers to the point that you seriously damage your career and potentially land one of your closest friends with a lengthy prison sentence.

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