Trump tried to stop BBC film

American tycoon Donald Trump attempted to force the BBC to drop the showing of a documentary film covering his proposed golf resort on the east coast of Scotland. The film, You’ve Been Trumped, presented the developer in a less-than-sympathetic light and reported on the heavy-handed treatment of locals who were unwilling to leave their properties.

Trump’s lawyers contacted the BBC claiming the film, made by independent documentary maker Anthony Baxter, was highly defamatory, biased and misleading, and demanding a right of reply.

George Sorial, Trump's chief counsel, told The Guardian: "The BBC is now an active participant in what many who are familiar with Baxter's work know is a complete false telling of the story behind the construction of Trump Golf Scotland. We're filing complaints with Ofcom and the BBC Trust and are considering other available legal actions."

The BBC issued their response: "You've Been Trumped is an award-winning film that has been screened at international festivals around the world," it said. "During the making of the film, Donald Trump declined the opportunity to take part. We are confident that Donald Trump was offered sufficient right to reply in accordance with BBC editorial guidelines. Donald Trump chose not to participate but the film-maker took care to reflect his views on a number of different occasions in the film.

Baxter’s film featured a sequence in which he requested an interview with Trump, which was declined. Grampian Police and the Scottish Government also refused to participate in the documentary. Trump has tweeted that Baxter has "zero talent", which rather begs the question of why he wants him silenced.

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