Trouble in Britpop; Daisy Lowe dumps Mark Ronson

Isn't it lovely being a teenager? All those silly emotions. In love one minute with your secondary school sweetheart, in lust the next with some older man who promises to show you a thing or two about the world then turns out to be really boring. So exciting! Well not if you're Mark Ronson.

It was never going to take long - but Daisy Lowe has finally got bored of being shackled, and dumped him. The pair had an almighty row about something or other not very important last week, Daisy said 'I'm leaving' Ronson said 'fine by me', and that was end of that.

According to The Daily Mail, Daisy's responded to the tragedy with bog standard teenage aplomb - by running straight back into the arms of her hugely annoying ex boyfriend and co star of hugely annoying 'docu-soap' Class Of 2008, Will Cameron.

'She went to see Will for a shoulder to cry on. She’s been really upset over the last few days after her split from Mark. Daisy never lost touch with Will, and has always remained close friends with him. They have always been close, and Will was pining after her when she dumped him for Mark a snitch told The Mail. 'I love her more than I have ever loved anyone or anything' said Will the fellow teenager, holding back lest he give too much away. The raw emotion.

Mark Ronson will certainly think twice before he shacks up with an adolescent again, but there's no denying it, teenagers make great entertainment. So brutal. So fickle!

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