Tropic Thunder : new Ben Stiller film causes a storm

So film star, Ben Stiller’s finding himself in a bit of hot water with his latest offering ‘Tropic Thunder’. In a move that will cause him thousands of pounds worth of PR conveniently just before the movie hits the box office, he’s defended his character in the film after an outcry from the Special Olympics chairman Timothy Perry Shriver.

The trouble is that Stiller plays an actor called Tugg Speedman who takes on a role of ‘Simple Jack’ – a guy who gets routinely called ‘retard’ in a film about actors who play the mentally challenged to gain Oscar glory. It’s one of those film’s within a film if you’re a bit confused, and also stars Jack Black and Steve Coogan.

Stiller defended the movie saying "It's sort of edgy territory, but we felt that as long as the focus was on the actors who were trying to do something to be taken seriously that's going too far or wrong, that was where the humor would come from - actors reaching for roles in terms of hopefully winning awards."

Being that Stiller has only ever played two characters in all of his films –either the really annoying one who’s not as funny as the other guy, or the loser in love with a temper – it’s a refreshing change that he’s spreading his acting wings.

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