Tripping the light fantastic

You know you've hit the big time when getting tipsy and falling in front of the paparazzi hits the headlines. Claudia Winkleman should be congratulating herself today, as well as nursing her injuries after taking a drunken tumble after a charity event. The telly presenter attended the bash in Mayfair with friends Kate Moss and Tess Daly, and looked a little the worse for wear. Walking out of the event, she collapased, and suffered the indigity of being photographed during her moment of shame, rather than helped to her feet. Fame, eh?

Claudia told her twitter followers, 'I lied down on the floor (in front of people) and gasped 'help me' as people pointed and wailed. it's not good. not good AT ALL.' Claudia later added, 'Mortified. have come home for biscuits.'

We hope they were good biccies, Claudia. You deserve them...

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