Tried to make him go to rehab

If you've been partying too hard and can't take the hangovers anymore, who you gonna call? Well first off, don't bother with Elton John. He's busy tending to the stars.

Maybe George Michael has forgotten he's a biiig ol celebrity then, or maybe - just maybe, he doesn't need help from Elton, because he's said the unthinkable: Elton should mind his own business and stop trying to haul him off to rehab.

'Elton... will not be happy until I bang on his door in the middle of the night saying, 'Please, please, help me, Elton. Take me to rehab'. It's not going to happen," George told The Guardian.

George Michael has a well documented love affair with marijuana, admitting to downsizing his habit from 25 joints a day (deeply stoned) to seven or eight (on top form.) However, Elton's hubby David Furnish talked about George's 'decline' on a radio show, saying that George's friends have appealed to the celebrity agony aunts to step in and save him from a fate worse than the extreme munchies.

'A lot of people are saying it to us, we get it very regularly. They're saying they're concerned about his health, concerned about his state of mind and his well-being and because Elton has been there and experienced sobriety now for 19 years, that perhaps he's in the best position to help him.'

Really, better than all of George's actual friends and family, or better still, professional drug counsellors? Elton, why not wean Jedward off some of their more dangerous habits?

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