Tricia Walsh Smith : the warrior returns

We've been with her since the beginning of her You Tube journey - and we're still with her now. A mere 2 weeks after the last video and Tricia Walsh Smith, self titled You Tube Superstar and Woman Warrior is back.

TWS Mark 3 begins with a manic Tricia bouncing into shot wearing a purple T Shirt emblazoned with the words, 'You cannot break me' and declaring 'Hi! I'm In London - in a rented flat'

Tricia then reminisces about another time she was evicted (Christmas 1994,) from which like a 'phoenix from the ashes' she rose - and talks about her charity work with drug addicts. Work she'd be continuing now had it not been for ex hubby Phillip scuppering her plans. 'Oh well they'll have to carry on snorting and shooting up because help is not on the way" she concludes cheerily.

But Tricia's piece de resistance is when she starts dancing to the theme tune of self penned play 'Bonkers', before whipping out a Pay-Pal account and asking viewers to pledge a donation to the TWS cause - if not for her, then for the sake of feminism. 'Hey women. My victory is your victory!'. Thats right Tricia.

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