Tricia Walsh Smith: still a loon, still making great YouTube vids

Raving web looney Tricia Walsh Smith has been keeping a low profile recently, and here's why: she's been recording a single.

Yes, a single. As in music. As in someone let her into a studio and recorded her yelling 'I'm Going Bonkers' to the most awful Euro-durge backing track ever. It's total genius in the most car crashingly brilliant way....and that's not even the real treat. The video accompanying the song (featuring the divorcee crappy dancing round London in varying stages of bonkersness) is where the real magic happens.

If you don't know the story behind the original web-woman scorned, in a nutshell: Tricia's stinking rich hubby divorced her leaving her penniless and forced to scratch a living from YouTube posts about how much she hates him. She's mad as a box of frogs but great online time wasting fodder, and heart warming in a funny sort of way. No matter the weather she literally never gets any saner. Long live Tricia.

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