Tricia Walsh Smith - cracking new You Tube rant

If there wasn't confirmation enough with the first You Tube video - there's confirmation by the truck load in the second. Tricia Walsh Smith is mad as a hornet!

In her latest 4 minute You Tube 'piece de camera' Tricia sports a wonderfully shiny pink kaftan come dressing gown while unleashing her fury to the world wide web.

As well as cursing her luck at having been thrown out of the marital home by estranged hubby Phillip Smith, Tricia sets a few facts straight about her perceived lack of career. Or at least lack of contribution to the household coffers.

Walsh-Smith explains she's no stranger to earning a crust, and that throughout her acting career has made over 500 commercials - as well as having written 4 smash hit plays. Even if a couple of them never actually got made....

But the best bit is when Tricia waggles her finger at the camera and balks 'how dare you' to all her husband's theatre pals, who she accuses of writing nasty comments about her.

"If this was the 16th century what would you have done, put me in the stocks and thrown rotten vegetables at me?". Umm. Yes.

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