Tricia Walsh Smith - crackers You Tube gold

There are many things that give us the wibbles over here in Entertainme towers. Tall grannies. Oversized tubs of margarine. Crumbly dog poo. But top of the list are posh Brits who move stateside and start talking like Americans. Boils our blood!

And ex Grange Hill and Benny Hill actress Tricia Walsh Smith has done just that - live on You Tube.

Trish is spitting teeth over theatre impresario hubby Phillip Smith booting her out of their swish Manhattan apartment - all because she let slip to a gossip rag that millionaire Phil is a massive tightwad.

During Trish's 6 minute You Tube classic she 'calls up' Philip's assistant to tell her she and Phil never once performed the legend of the two backed beast during their 9 year marriage - due to Phil's 'high blood pressure'. But Walsh Smith claims that Phil has got piles of condoms and viagra stashed in the flat - proving the horny old toad was swinging it at someone else all along!

But our favourite part by far is when Trish tells Phil's assistant, in a hilariously thespian drawl, 'we're in the middle of filming at the moment - there's a crew here and we're filming a piece for You Tube' - quite forgetting for a second that she's actually in her kitchen with a camcorder and not a boom mike in sight!

Anyway, Trish is crackers - but a total genius. Exactly what You Tube was invented for.

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