Tricia Walsh Smith ; back on YouTube, still hopping mad

Lovely jubbly, another blast of Tricia Walsh Smith to liven up the day. The furious, bug eyed divorcee is back spouting angry rhetoric about her now officially ex husband Phillip Smith on YouTube. Theatre impressario Phillip was last week granted a divorce from the struggling bard on the grounds of 'cruel and inhuman' behaviour arising from Tricia's YouTube hate campaign - and this is her reponse.

Number one, everyone in New York, judges, lawyers, journalists, magistrates etc is a liar. Number two, she's boiling mad at claims by a Christian US TV presenter Kathy Lee Gifford that 'someone, anyone should 'whack' her. Number three (and on a lighter note) Trish is managing to keep her London flat going via the 750K payout she wangled from the divorce. And number four, yes she's flapping about how she'll earn a crust when she gets back to London....but yes she'll soldier on. You don't have an Irish gerker fighting father and Yorkshire mother for nothing! Welcome back to YouTube Tricia!

Check out warrior Tricia riling against Kathy Lee Gifford

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