Treme: good new drama, probably

If you have anything resembling great taste in your body, you’ll know about and love The Wire, David Simon’s dramatic masterpiece set around the Baltimore underworld. Even if you haven’t seen it you’ve no doubt read or heard critics going on about it like the script dripped out of the mouth of God himself.

Well, prepare for more critical back slapping, as the team that brought you The Wire (get ready to hear that a lot as well) are about to bring their next project out. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, Treme follows a group of musicians and other people who live in the Treme district of the city. As you can see from the trailer below, the area seems very reminiscent of the docks section of Baltimore famously covered in the second season of The Wire, and the cast looks pretty impressive; not only does Wendell Pierce AKA Bunk Moreland take a lead role, none other than John Goodman stars.

As yet plot details are sketchy, but we’ve already been told that it’s not going to be anything like that show which we’ve mentioned a few times already. Fingers crossed it’ll be great though, HBO rarely makes mistakes.

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