Treme: behind the scenes

We’ve already given our dear readers a little heads up (in the form of a teaser trailer) on HBO’s upcoming series Treme, in which a few members of The Wire’s cast, namely Bunk Moreland and smoooooth Lester Freemon, somehow become different characters in a different city, confusing everyone in the process.

And the programme? Yes, that. Treme is set in New Orleans (Treme being a district in the city) only weeks after Katrina rips the town apart, and follows a group of musicians and other local residents through their daily lives. HBO have been nice enough to give us a little behind the scenes look at the programme, and there’s an awful lot of ‘triumph of the human spirit’ stuff, so expect there to be a slightly more uplifting – or at least bittersweet – feel to the show. Don’t forget, the legend that is John Goodman also stars, so if nothing else it’ll be worth watching for him.

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