Travolta sends aid to Haiti

Reading about the lives of the rich and famous seems a little bit off while news of the disaster in Haiti keeps rolling in. It’s really hard to think about Paris Hilton’s latest dress when there are thousands of dead and millions homeless and almost as many orphans wandering the broken streets of Haiti - even though there are surely people who would rather trawl celebrity sites, even in this hard news-related temporary downturn in business. A salute to all of them.

It’s always good however, when a big-time star gets involved in a big news story, as it means entertainment pages can muscle in and start covering stuff which actually matters. Take John Travolta, for instance: he’s very famous, and that’s good, because he’s decided to arrange a plane to take supplies, medics and *cough* volunteer ministers to Haiti. Whether they’re Scientologist ministers or not is unclear, but the chances of them speaking good enough Creole to spread the Good News (or whatever it is they call it) are thankfully pretty slim. Anyway, it’s still a nice touch from the swivel-hipped star, and one he hopes will influence other wealthy people to do the same.

‘I have arranged for a plane to take down some volunteer ministers and some supplies and some medics,’ he said to Entertainment Tonight. ‘I hope that inspires others as well. It's needed.’

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