Travis arrested by Savile enquiry detectives

Former Radio One DJ Dave Lee Travis was arrested by police as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse sparked by the accusations against Jimmy Savile. The former breakfast show host was questioned for 13 hours before being released on bail.

Aylesbury Police arrested Travis, known as DLT throughout his BBC career, at his home. His agent Tim Jibson said, "Dave is a lovely man and will be completely devastated by this - we all are."

Travis was a contemporary of Savile’s at Radio One in the 70s, hosting Top Of The Pops in the same era. He has responded angrily to previous allegations of sexual misconduct. Newsreader Vivien Creegor accused him of "jiggling her breasts" while she was live on Radio 4 in the 80s. "His hands clamped down on my boobs over my jumper," she alleged. "I couldn’t say anything because I had to finish my announcement. I was on an apprenticeship with the BBC and I didn’t want to report a huge star."

An unnamed woman has told Sussex police that Travis groped her at his studio in 1977.” Travis said that the claims were "utter bull***t". "It’s completely untrue," he said. "I hate being tarred with the same brush as Savile." In a later statement he added, "I categorically deny that there is any substance in either allegation and I’m genuinely surprised that allegations of this nature have been made."

Travis was famous for the manner of his departure from Radio One in 1993, when he resigned on-air in protests at the imminent personnel changes at the station. Recently Travis was the surprising recipient of a tribute from Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who said his World Service show had been source of consolation during her house arrest. In a typical combination of sentiment and egotism, Travis said that he had been "touched but not surprised" that she had remembered the show.

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