Transformers 3 to somehow have even larger explosions

You'd think that, having blown up the Hoover Dam, the Sphinx and the Pyramids, intrepid Transformers director Michael Bay wouldn't still still be busily researching things to destroy. But for Transformers 3, he's taking aim at... the White House!

Apparently, Bay has sought permission to film in Washington D.C. in the area around Pennsylvania Avenue, where the Obama residence actually sits. The city wants to accommodate him, because it means a huge influx of money for hotels, and restaurants to accommodate and feed Bay's army of staff.

But the National Parks Service - who manage this particular slice of urban real estate, for some reason - are nervous about 'simulated explosions and pyrotechnics' taking place so near chez Barack.

Personally, we'd be happy for Optimus Prime to come and smash up our flat, if it meant Megan Fox would be close behind. But the 'bi-stunna' [(c) The Sun] has been dropped from the third film, so on second thoughts, we don't really see what's in it for us...

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