Trainspotting 2

The ‘90s were blooming great; Britpop, better telly, Euro ‘96, long hot summers, NO SNOW and that’s not even mentioning the resurgence of the independent cinema.

Thanks to directors like Mike Leigh and Danny Boyle, British cinema in the 1990’s was buzzing with cool films, exciting actors and great scripts. A prime case of this was the Edinburgh based drug-guzzling indie flick Trainspotting. Director Danny Boyle has gone on to become hot Hollywood property since then, scooping up an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire in the process. 10 years on from Trainspotting, Boyle still gets ask if we will ever see a sequel to his masterpiece and he can now confirm, we WILL.

Talking to cinematical.com he said, ‘It will happen, we’ll approach them all again about it, but it will depend on what place they’re all at,' he said. ‘We have a very strong idea that it would be a wonderful thing to reapproach, to do again, when they have aged clearly into a mid-life kind of crisis. They’re not quite there yet, I don't think.’

If you can't wait to find out how Renton and the gang are getting on, Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting sequel Porno has long been in the shops.

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