Toyboize : greatest YouTube series ever

Time wasting potential on YouTube just took a turn for the better. How? By way of a 'popumentary' following the return of fictional Eighties boyband ToyBoize.

The web series (written by Keith and Jamie from The Office) follows the fortunes of the four strong Toyboize as they embark on a Take That style comeback, 16 years after their last performance. The band members today are down on their luck normaltons desperate for another crack of the whip. Martin is a painter and decorator who needs the cash. Nicky an office worker who recently made a 6% pay rise, Tim, an overweight alchy who spends his days drinking Special Brew on park benches, and JP who hands out flyers on the street dressed as a giant monkey.

When touting for a new record company the ToyBoize do group hugs, say 'we've still got it' and blame their abundant lack of talent on technical hitches. So close to the bone it hurts..... And where there's awkward, observational comedy there's always Ricky Gervais. Ricky penned smashhit tune 'I Like You Girl' for the ToyBoize, giving the opening credits an especially catchy lure.

Daily episodes are not enough. Check out episodes 1 and 2, then go to straight to the YouTube Toyboize channel and waste some serious time.

Toyboize - episode 1
Toyboize showcase - episode 2

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