Toy Story 3 trailer released!

The original Toy Story came out in 1995, and the sequel itself is ten years old. If that isn’t enough to make you feel old then nothing will. But never mind that, because if anything can make someone feel young again it’s a BRAND NEW Toy Story, complete with all the old gang getting into scrapes and that.

So it’s jolly good news that Toy Story 3 has been announced for next summer (June, to be exact), and that Pixar have released a beautiful trailer, which sets up the plot fabulously. Andy is about to go off to college, and the toys are unsure about what’s going to happen to them. They end up being donated to a day care centre, where lots of little brats throw them around in an amusing fashion, and the toys decide they’re going to ‘bust out’. There are gags and laughs and lots more. Check it out.

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