Towie season finale: Marriage proposals, losing bets and another confrontation

While last Sunday’s end of the episode trailer of The Only Way is Essex left us with a gnawing doubt that Joey was going back off from proposing to Sam, instead Mr. Essex actually came through, albeit after receiving last minute pep talks and how-to-instructions from both his dad and mates, and with tears flowing down his cheeks, got down on one knee - just like in a romantic chick flick – and proposed to his undying love to Sam in a whirlwind trip to Dubai.

Back in Essex the boys are preparing for the big macho football match with Arg's Football Nutters vs Ricky's Rockafellas and to up their chances of victory, Arg decides to involve Mario which actually didn’t take long, as he stirred the pot with references to Marios past problems with Little Chris, telling him he could gain certain amount of satisfaction if they could be beat Ricky’s team, but when the day does comes Mario pulls out because of cracked bone in his foot and a bad back – but doesn’t explain how he got it.

As the match goes down tempers flare between Ricky and Danny Walia and at the end of the match Arg’s Nutters wins five to three to the shame of Ricky’s team who also loses the bet, and now will have to strip naked.

With Sam now officially engaged to be married, and flashing a bright and sparkling diamond ring on her finger, all the Towies convene to party and celebrate the engagement, as Joey's eyes brim over once again with happy tears, but it’s also the moment for the Rockafella’s to pay off their debt and do a Full Monty in front of a cheering crowd, who can’t wait to see some naked flesh.

How can a Towie episode end, especially a season finale finish without at least one confrontation, and this time Mario in the presence of his beloved Lucy catches Little Chris’ off balance, while he's trying a rather weak reconciliation attempt, fortunately for Chris, Ricky steps in as Mario and Lucy both boil over, spilling out all their rancor towards Chris. The couple stalks off leaving both Chris and Rick stunned as Ricky matter-of-factly declares that Mario and Chris' bromance is now officially over.

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