Towie: Joey prepares to pop the big question

So what did the Towies have in store for fans last night's Easter Sunday episode?

Plenty by the looks of it, but Sam explaining to Gemma and Billie what resurrection is, while decorating chocolate Easter eggs at Billie’s home, makes them look like two dumb blondes.

Jess reveals to the girls about her highly disappointing chat with Rick about marriage and kids, which ended up being flatter than day old champagne, and now the poor girl is doubting about her future relationship with him, but that really turned around as the two sat down for a heart-to-heart about marriage, but with a much more satisfying outcome for Jess.

Talking about resurrection, Lucy turned up and is still spitting mad and in no way is she going to forgive Chris, not now or ever, following his involvement in those nasty rumors regarding Mario’s cheating, while Little Chris is still uncertain on how to get past his differences with Mario, despite his former BFF’s overture to put everything behind them.

Jasmine and Abi are again discussing what they think of the two new boys, Dan and James, those two really should get on with it, but if only Jas knew that Dan just doesn’t have any interest in her after their first night out . Well Jas, you know the old saying, there are a lot of other hunks hanging around the gym.

For the wannabe Beckhams, only the big football match seems to be getting top priority as Arg gets his team together for a training session with the help of a pro.

Bobby gets a training lesson on how to sale tanning products from Gemma and it certainly helps, as his first sell goes over big time.

Joey goes old-fashioned while preparing his marriage proposal, as he asks everyone permission from Sam’s mother to her sister Billie, and has even written a letter her jailbird dad, for his daughter’s hand in marriage … isn’t he so very sweet? However the big question will be will he actually pop the question after he surprises Sam with trip to Dubai? Apparently the guy is going to get cold feet, at least from what we’ve seen from the next episode’s spoiler.

Who says elderly women are just sweet little grannies? Nanny Pat eyeing a guy on roller skates during the disco party and then hitting on Dan has to be the best moment of the episode.

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