TOWIE: dramas, Twitter rants and Essex Shake

Has ITV2 gone a step too far by showing last night's episode of The Only Way Is Essex? It seems so, considering the response of the fans who took it on Twitter, immediately after the end of the episode.

Despite criticism of being a scripted show, yesterday's TOWIE seemed more than real: a very emotional Joey Essex was seen by viewers breaking down in tears, after showing his girlfriend Sam Faiers pictures of his mother. Joey was intensely upset while opening his heart to Sam about how much he missed his mum. Joey's mum took her life when he was just a child, after battling severe depression for years.

Fans were not impressed with the way the show handled such a private moment, stating that it wasn't the first time that ITV2 bosses pushed the boundaries too far and that watching Joey so hurt was not at all entertaining. Fortunately Essex received many tweets of support from family, cast members and even viewers.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone got finally back together. The on-and-off couple sorted out their differences and cheating allegations over a romantic dinner, holding hands, staring into each other eyes and flirting. Aww! But was that reconciliation genuine? Did Mario actually cheat? Apparently the situation is still as dark as the whole cast's fake tan put together. During the airing of the program Mario sent a controversial Tweet saying "The producers are still lying to you all... Coronation street is more reality than TOWIE!".

It was not all doom and gloom on last night's TOWIE, though, as Nanny Pat dressed up as a carrot and hit the club to make her own video version of the Harlem Shake, promptly dubbed as the Essex Shake. We are not sure what was funnier – and disturbing at the same time– Nanny Pat trying to cover up Jessica Wright's best bits or the general duck-face expression during the dancing bit.

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