TOWIE cast evacuated from Halloween party due to suspected fire

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The Only Way Is Essex is rarely short of drama at the best of times but there was a a serious injection of drama during the TOWIE Halloween party where a suspected fire broke out. The cast were all left twiddling their thumbs outside in their fancy dress costumes.

During filming of the show's Halloween special, the entire cast were evacuated from the building until the emergency services arrived. Once the firemen arrived, in three separate fire engines, they inspected the building and party venue only to decree that there hadn't in fact been a fire at all.

A theory has been put forward that the fire alarm system was actually triggered by somebody having a sneaky cigarette in one of the bathrooms inside the building. A source from the show gave OK Online a very different explanation for the fire saying "We had a candy floss machine inside the main hall and it set off the fire alarm."

It was a costly act as filming of the show's Halloween episode was essentially postponed until the situation was back under control. Both Elliott Wright and Dan Osborne seemed to suffer most as they both were left regretting their choice of Halloween outfit which included not wearing a top of any description.

James Diags seemed to be going for the Medusa look but he could just as easily have been confused as a Cheesestring. Tom Pearce was seen wearing a toga and holding a trident while Jasmin Walia was dressed as a sexy blue mermaid and Leah Wright managed to pull off a tempting Poison Ivy. You can catch the TOWIE Halloween episode and all the drama it entails on ITVBe at 10pm Sunday November 2nd.

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