TOWIE: Bobby and Gemma's nasty argument

Drama, drama and even more drama on Wednesday's episode of The Only Way Is Essex. Take note girls, from what we learnt last night, the best way to get to a guy is not laughing at his limerick. It might cause major bitterness and a stint of diva behaviour.

Or at least that happened between Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris during comedy night. The relationship between the two has always been a roller-coaster, but it turned even sourer when Gemma refused to applaud Bobby's funny sketch about James Argent, who was out on a date with her.

After the performance Bobby stormed over to the couple asking explanation for their stone-cold faces, just to hear Gemma saying to him “You know what the problem is with you two, it’s because you are not genuine as people.” At that point the argument reached a whole new level, with the ex-friends insulting each other, like two school-kids in the playground.

A bad tempered Bobby said Gemma he did not want anything to do with her 'fat club', while the girl complained for him being so aggressive, which further escalated the situation. 'I’ll rip that cheap wig off your head' shouted an angry Bobby, while Charlie and Arg tried to calm him down, and before storming off the club he added "All right Vanessa Feltz, I’ll leave it there. You’re a f***ing tramp."

It seems that Gemma appreciated being compared to the radio presenter, as she took to Twitter to say: "It's a compliment being called Vanessa Feltz she is an intelligent articulate powerful very funny amazing lady I love her #TEAMGEMMA x”. Unfortunately the argument wasn't the peak of her bad night, as she got kicked out by her mum. Luckily thoughtful Arg was there to comfort her with a super size pizza!

Elsewhere Jessica and Ricky, who were recovering from eye surgery, decided to take off their eye masks together. Pleased with the fantastic results an excited Jessica said “I can see that there are flowers on your blind, I thought they were cream.” What could be more romantic than having your eyes fixed as a couple, eh?

Meanwhile Lauren and Chloe strip off their clothes, changing into cheeky swimsuits, to attend a swimming lesson, for the joy of male fans. Bobby and Charlie plan to set up their own company, LEO – luxury event organisers – to raise money for the pregnancy of Norris' surrogate mother.

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