Torchwood actor: Hollywood Hides Homosexuality

Openly gay Torchwood actor John Barrowman has urged Hollywood actors to be open about their sexuality. The multi-talented actor-singer-host has landed his dream role as the fearless, omnisexual time-traveller Captain Jack Harkness and is in the midst of taking the sci-fi drama over to the States.

Barrowman talked toNew York Magazine about Miracle Day: Torchwood and his euphoria at his current role he gushed: ‘I love Captain Jack, I love playing the character, I love the show, I love what it stands for, and I will play this character as long as I possibly can.’

When asked how he would advise a gay actor who was considering coming out, Barrowman replied, ‘If there's an emotional reason why somebody's not out, that's a different story. But if you think it's because you'll lose your job, then you really have to kick yourself up the ass and think again.’

The star suggested that Hollywood was home to more than a handful of sham marriages owing to the fact that actors were too scared to come out. ‘Half of the straight actors who are playing straight characters in Hollywood are actually gay. I'm not pointing any fingers, but it would just make things a lot easier if everybody was who they are. As Gaga would say, you were born this way.’

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