Top Prince Tributes

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The recent death of music pop star legend Prince has left music fans stunned and grieving. The 57-year old was found in an elevator in his Paisley Park Studios compound on Thursday in Minnesota. Over his career he sold over 100 million records, 7 Grammy’s, 1 Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Unsurprisingly Prince tributes came flooding in from all around the world and in all different forms. Here are just a few examples that display the vast impact this icon had on the world.

Cities that lit up were of course his home city of Minneapolis where the I-35W Bridge and Target Field lit purple for the evening along with the Superdome in New Orleans and The Orlando Eye ferris wheel in Florida. The Niagara Falls also transformed into purple waterfalls, but they were actually purple to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. After hearing about his untimely death they were also used it as a tribute to Prince.

Besides iconic sights being lit up, different forms of media also bid their farewell. The New Yorker cover for next week will be entirely purple with a lighter shade of purple in the shapes of raindrops. The app Snapchat included a Purple Rain filter for users to apply to their photos and pay tribute to the singer. Even Google had a google doodle which had “Google” in purple with purple rain falling over the lettering.

Fellow musicians shared their condolences through one of the ways they know best, with music. Mariah Carey gave an emotional performance of One Sweet Day at her Paris concert while Jennifer Hudson and fellow cast members of The Color Purple covered Purple Rain at the end of their Broadway performance.

Another celebrity, President Obama, posted on Facebook a statement in which he called him a “creative icon” and “one of the most gifted and prolific musicians of our time”. And even NASA wanted to show their respects by tweeting a beautiful picture of the purple nebula with the words “A purple nebula, in honor of Prince, who passed away today”. The music legend Prince will be greatly missed.

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