Top of the Hoffs

This is very exciting news indeed. When Mr Nasty jets off to conquer America with his radioactive smiles and sardonic put downs, The Hoff may be wheeled in to replace him. Who better to take the baton behind the Britain's Got Talent judging desk? None, that's who.

According to The Sun (ie: it may not be true), The Hoff received a call from a BGT honcho asking if he would consider filling SyCo's boots. A source said: 'David was delighted to receive the call as he really enjoyed his time on America's Got Talent. He is popular in the UK and loves the country so for him it is a dream opportunity. You might say it's ironic Simon asked David to replace him after he was dropped in America. But they are great pals and David is really looking forward to the auditions.'

Ah yes, Hoffers was reportedly sacked from the American version of the show because of his boozing. He's cropped up on YouTube more than once, inebriated, and his battle with the sauce has been well documented. But while he's on the wagon now (and we wish him all the best), this could add an extra layer of suspense to the already unpredictable show.

Come on BGT, make this happen.

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