Too big for Beckenham

Preposterous Britain's Got Talent rapper DJ Talent has said that he's too famous for the bright lights of the Kent Riviera, AKA Beckenham, and now can only have nights out in 'celebrity showbiz clubs' in London. Which presumably means he hangs in the same places as Hollyoaks stars and Championship footballers.

'My life’s changed drastically,' he said. 'A lot of places I used to go I can’t go to any more — I get too recognised and it’s not safe. I stick to the celebrity showbiz clubs in London and charity events. I don’t go to normal pubs or normal places because my life could be at risk.' No hit of melodrama here, no sir.

'It’s fantastic at the clubs. I get free champagne and meet lots of different types of people, like royalty, celebrities, millionaires — all kinds.' List of people he could actually name: Brian Harvey and Andy Lysandrou from True Steppers. Wow.

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