Toni's standing by her man

Yesterday there were rumours that John Terry’s missus Toni Poole wanted to get a divorce after the revelations that her millionaire husband had been making the two-backed beast with another woman behind her back. She even flew all the way to Dubai to get away from her filthy cheating wretch of a husband.

Well that may have been hot air, for Mrs Terry is standing foursquare behind her man, presumably hoping he grovels like a baby all the way back home. Many wronged women are probably shaking their heads right now at the following quote:

‘I am not divorcing John,’ she said to the Daily Star. ‘We have known each other since we were kids - and nothing will shake our marriage. I am standing by him 100%.

‘I am in Dubai with the children now to protect them from the media. But I am talking and texting John all the time and sending him pictures of the twins. John and I love each other very much. Every marriage goes through turmoil and this is no different. We will be together forever no matter what life throws at us.’

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