Toni talks marriage woes with Posh

It seems that staying with your husband after he's denied playing away makes a WAG better equipped to impart wise counsel to WAGS lower down the food chain. That's why Toni Poole has allegedly been on the blower to Posh - the Queen of public-image-salvaging-post-affair - to get some advice on whether to stick with JT or not. (Now that Vanessa wants back with Wayne, we think she should stick.)

Posh apparently dug deep into her cauldron of wisdom and came up with a really helpful suggestion: 'You must talk to John to decide whether you can save your marriage. And whether you want to.'

Thanks for that Posh - really solid advice. We wonder if Toni had already thought of that?

To her credit, Posh realises her advice might be a bit thin on the ground. She told a friend that she 'doesn't understand' why fellow WAGS bother coming to her for help.

She's so perceptive sometimes....

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