Tom Thumb wins big

As if small men didn't feel conscious enough already about their size, a new celebrity poll has revealed that short men can be successful with women too. Awww, isn't that cute?

Even more bizarrely, they can also do well with the ladies if they are short and Tom Cruise. The world's most annoying Lilliputian came top of the Sexiest Short Man poll, beating off pint sized competition from our very own Richard Hammond. (He was robbed.)

But at 5,7 Cruise wasn't the shortest of the bunch. Jamie Cullum at 5,4 came in third place, while Lewis Hamilton, 5,8 - who until now we had no idea was so short, came in fourth spot. What with splitting from his PussyCat doll, Lewis isn't having a very good week...Other shorties to make the cut include Scot actor James McAvoy, Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones, and acting legend Robert Carlyle.

Whilst we love pointless celebrity polls as much as the next person, this one has got to take the biscuit as most unintentionally offensive. We're betting it wasn't a short man who came up with it but a 6ft woman with a tiny axe to grind... Nicole Scherzinger anyone?

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