Tom Cruise wants Becks to be best friend

The Cruise missile awarded Katie Holmes some time off yesterday when he went to watch Becks in an LA Galaxy match.

took along adopted kids Isabella and Connor - and was joined in the box by David's mum Sandra. While Vicky B and Katie Holmes just couldn't be bothered.

The friendship between Holmes and Lady Vicky B is about to cark it, since both parties have realised that apart from being rich and famous, they have virtually nothing in common. David Beckham on the other hand, is seen as prize meat by Tom who still fancies his chances at signing him up to Scientology.

Cruise reckons David Beckham is 'more malleable' and potentially easier to mind-bend than Victoria Beckham - who Tom sees as too opinionated and strong willed to ever be a proper Scientologist.

"Tom hasn't quite given up on persuading David that Scientology is a life-changing and wonderful thing. But he tends to see David privately. He thinks David is more malleable than Victoria. She is less pliable, stronger and more opinionated" said a Daily Mail source.

Becks, meanwhile is sporting a bold, quasi intellectual beard - which probably means the only church he's worshipping at the moment is Vicky B's style council. Good job Dave.

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