Tom Cruise star of YouTube

This is, of course, all an alleged news item about an alleged incident by an alleged star. Allegedly.

Oh dear, Tom Cruise appears to be an unhappy bunny. Another YouTube video of the Scientology star has surfaced. The last featured Tom waxing lyrical about the greatness that is Scientology and making various slightly odd statements. Apparently Mr Cruise, who famously can’t laugh at himself (remember the water pistol on the red carpet episode!), does not find it funny that people are laughing at his religion (and him).

The next video features him getting an award for Scientologist of the Month or something, at the International Association of Scientologists. Not learning from his last video debacle, he doesn’t tone down his eccentricity. Yet the worst part of the video is not his speech. This time it’s his cringe-worthy salute and oh-so-long handshake with the presenter of the awards that is most disturbing. (But hey, maybe we’re just being too British.)

(Image: from YouTube)

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