Tom Cruise is a shortarse. Fact

Youch this had to hurt. Tom Cruise's depiction of Claus von Stauffenberg (the Nazi colonel who plotted to kill Hitler) has been criticised by Stauffenberg's great nephew. The nephew pointed out something which everyone knows - Tom Cruise is a right annoying shortarse. In fact so vertically challenged and irritating that there's no chance of anyone suspending disbelief for his role in Valkyrie.

In an interview with a German newspaper Franz von Stauffenberg, blamed Cruise's appearance on a major cock up in casting.

"Cruise seems terribly cautious, almost as if he were afraid of playing the role. He tries to seem elegant but comes across as extremely stiff.He seems not at all decisive in the role and above all not charismatic enough. On the whole he just seems too small." He continued: "from what I've learned about Claus von Stauffenberg from the literature, history books and family stories, he is meant to have been a charismatic man. Someone who inspired people with his smile, his humour and charm."

You mean hearing Cruise utter the words, 'we gotta kill Hitler' in an accent straight out of TopGun wasn't convincing? No way.

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