Tom Cruise had fill of Posh

The Cruise-missile is pooed clean off about Katie Holmes knocking about so much with Posh Spice.

Tom's had just about as much as he can take of the monosyllabic Beckhams and wants Katie and Vicky to cool their friendship - fearing if they don't, the girls could soon morph into the same indistinguishable MILF.

Katie's friendship with Lady B has certainly taken it's toll. She's had to shed enough weight to feed an impoverished nation, ditch the twinsets and pearls in favour of racier Vix inspired garb and even don a Pob in order to keep the friendship ticking over.

But Tom doesn't like his wife taking orders from anyone other than a high ranking Scientologist - and wants shot of the influential Vicky B once and for all. Will the dutiful Mz Holmes tow the party line and start freezing out her bezzy Brit pal? Or will a Posh Spice dependency prove harder than that to kick?

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