Tom Cruise - going back on Oprah

Last time Tom Cruise went on Oprah it made for one of the most cringeworthy nuggets of telly we've ever seen.

The Cruisemonster last paid Winfrey a visit when in the first throes of joyous love with Katie Holmes - jumping about the stage like a nutter, landing his muddy feet all over Oprah's nice clean settee - and immortalising the phrase 'jumping the couch' in the process. Most viewers took it as confirmation he'd finally lost it.

And now he's back. No film to promote, no forthcoming nuptials or babies to wax lyrical about. Just a simple publicity drumming chat with Opes. US gossip bastions claim Oprah will be filming in his Colorado home - the heart of Cruise's lair, with the show to air on May 5th. Tom's 25 year anniversary in film.

Hope he pulls something really special out the bag - like bouncing on Oprah's belly while verbally spunking his love for all things David Beckham!

Relive Tom jumping the coach on Oprah

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