Tom Cruise chucked out of son's audition

Remember the Fast Show character 'Competetive Dad?' Well now imagine being the spawn of Tom Cruise and think of the former as a chucklesome comedy and the latter as, well, a living hell.

Taking the whole over-eager achiever thing to a stratospheric new level, Tom Cruise was recently lobbed out of son Connor Cruise's audition for new Will Smith flick 'Seven Pounds' on the grounds of being too annoying.

Cruise told reporters: "He went and auditioned, and Will and I were standing in the audition room, and the director said: 'Get out!"

He then likened the experience to 'being like a nervous parent waiting outside a room.' Which is exactly what it was.

Thumbs up to Italian director Gabrielle Muccino for squaring up to the Cruise Missile - thumbs down to the Umpa Lumpa for even trying to hog the limelight in the first place.

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