Tom Cruise acts like a prize chump at awards bash

Pint size goon Tom Cruise made matters mighty stressful for organisers of last night's National Movie Awards - on hearing that Katie's ex Joshua Jackson was in attendence, Tom got stroppy. He demanded that the Dawson's Creek hottie was kept away from him, and also claimed that he 'doesn't do lifts', forcing minions to create special 'Cruise endorsed' routes round the venue.

According to the Mirror, 'There isn’t much love lost between Tom and Josh. When his people found out he was on the same red carpet there suddenly came a number of extra stipulations. Bosses were also told to provide him with platters of fruit, sealed bottles of water, Indian takeaway menus - and a brand new toilet seat.'

To be fair to Tom Cruise, while he's clearly a demanding guy, is asking for sealed bottles of water really so strange? And brand new toilet seats - that's always top of our list of demands when we deign to go to parties...

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