Told you I wasn't dead

As you may have read a couple of days ago, people on Twitter started pronouncing the death of Roadhouse hero Patrick Swayze, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

However, the Twitterati dead wrong (sorry), as Swayze is still alive, if not entirely well. He and his missus Lisa sent a picture out to the world's media to prove that he's still fighting the illness and is in fact writing his autobiography, which due out this autumn.

'With everything I've been fortunate enough to do in my life, and covering such a wide range of diverse subject matters, I'm told that my story has been inspirational to people,' said Swayze.

'I will write from my heart about these experiences and, aside from the sheer pleasure of doing it, if people happen to garner inspiration from it, or incentive, or find a new way to love, it would be wonderful.'

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