Today's the day for Jordan

He's more used to commenting on the collapse of the Euro or the end of civilisation as we know it as brought about by reality tv. So it's no wonder that John Humphreys was none too impressed to hear that Jordan might be editing Radio Four's Today programme. Yes, Katie Price - guest editing a serious current affairs radio show. Something tells us this wasn't on John's Christmas wish list.....

Asked to comment, the Humphman replied: 'I have nothing to say.' He's probably in shock. While the show has taken guest editors 'from all walks of life' in the past, including Bono, David Hockney, Stephen Hawking, the Duchess of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, as you can see they've all heralded from a similar ilk.

During her stint on the programme (which hasn't been confirmed and is currently nothing more than a cracking headline) Jordan will be responsible for nearly half of the show's content on a programme airing some time between Christmas and the New Year.

Looking on the bright side, if the programme goes catastrophically wrong (which it could well do) John can ban all future guest editors and relinquesh full control of the Today dashboard. If on the other hand, the show gets the highest ratings in its history because even Today listeners secretly like a bit of KP, then we predict an editorial walkout.

What will it be?

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