Today's Special

Ska legend Lynval Golding (of The Specials, no less) showed the Great British Public his true class today. Fancy eateries of poncey old London, where the likes of Callum Best and other lizard-tongued socialites compete to see who can be more of an irritating fool, are not for him. No, one of the kings of the two-tone movement is much happier down his local caff in Coventry chomping on an £8 buffet, even after winning an award for his music.

Down-to-earth Linval was snapped happily chowing down on some special fried rice from the £7.99 food fest at his local Taybarns after picking up The Q Inspiration Award. There’s no place else he’d rather be. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Gordon Ramsey.

‘As soon as Amy (Winehouse) gave us the award I shot off,’ he said. ‘I didn't hang around for the party. We were all starving and wanted to get back here for the buffet. We're in here all the time - we only live round the corner!’ What a hero.

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