To cut a long story short

Overrated sitcom smash Gavin and Stacy's third series has been cut from seven episodes to six, as the two writers – irritating tabloid fodder James Cordon and quite pleasant actually Ruth Jones – are too busy with other things to give the series a full run. Which is disappointing for fans, but not for us.

Corden is working on the second series his woeful sketch show with actor/mannequin Matthew Horne, and Jones is... doing stuff. Anyway, Horne & Corden, which got a justified kicking from the press and atrocious ratings, will unbelievably be coming back for another round of sketches that go nowhere and punchlines that never hit.

'Thanks everyone who watched the show last night & all the lovely tweets,' said Corden to mystifyingly loyal fans. 'Means a lot at the moment, when Josef Fritzl is getting better press.' But in fairness to Fritzl, at least he didn't broadcast his crime against humanity on national television.

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