To be or not to be

Robbie Williams has been an almighty tease about Simon Cowell’s offer for him to work as a judge on X Factor. He had said yesterday that ‘I'd like to confirm that's a goer,’ before adding during an interview on GMTV that ‘No, I'm all right for the time being.’ Which is it Robbie? We’re quite literally hanging on tenterhooks here.

What we do know is that Williams is a fan of the show which, given his boyband roots, is hardly a surprise. He’s also performed on the show twice and will most likely have some sort of mate working on it, so take the following quote with a pinch of salt.

‘X Factor has been the centre of the universe for the last two months,’ he said. ‘Me and the missus (Ayda Field) have been watching it every Saturday and Sunday.’ Good. Very good.

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